Second Neu-Whitrow Prize Awarded

On July 26, 2017, the second Neu-Whitrow Prize was awarded to Prof. Dr. Klaus Hentschel and his Stuttgart Team for his online resource “Database of Scientific Illustrators 1450-1950.”

Klaus Hentschel, leader of the Stuttgart team that has produced “Database of Scientific Illustrators 1450-1950”.

The Neu-Whitrow prize is named for John Neu who edited the ISIS bibliography and continued the work of editing the ISIS Cumulative Bibliography of which Magda Whitrow during the 1970s and 1980s produced the first five volumes. The contents of these volumes are now available digitally from the History of Science Society website which illustrates one of the major transformations in the subject brought about by modern technology. Also, since the work of Whitrow the content of the history of science and technology has been remarkably transformed as numerous novel approaches developed. One of the most significant developments has been understanding the role of visualisation in all senses of the word. What this database does is to bring together these two strands of digitisation and visualisation into a single place which provides an invaluable resource in documenting the history of science. For these reasons it is highly appropriate that Klaus Hentschel is awarded the 2017 Neu-Whitrow Prize.