Centre for Scientific Archives, United Kingdom

The Centre for Scientific Archives @the Science Museum
Services to Assist in the Preservation of British Scientific Heritage: Capture Secures Access

Scientific heritage at risk requires an international plan and a project operations centre to capture, and ensure its accessibility for future generations.

 The Centre for Scientific Archives (CSA) was established as a charitable business in 2009 to provide critical services that aid in the preservation of British scientific heritage. It continues a 30 year history of identifying and cataloguing the manuscript papers of scientists and placing them with established archives. The vision of the Centre is to rebuild these services using networked digital technologies enabling far greater access and community engagement with these historical resources.

 The CSA provides essential services complementing existing facilities provided by established archives, museums, universities and libraries. The model was proven to be effective in the pre-digital era and in the digital age is being rebuilt in collaboration with international colleagues to take advantage of new technologies available.

Anne Barrett, Chairman of Trustees Centre for Scientific Archives

Contact: a.barrett@imperial.ac.uk c/o 455 Sherfield Bldg Imperial College London SW7 2AZ

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Centre for Scientific Archives @the Science Museum, Red Barn Gate, Hackpen Lane Gatehouse Swindon Wiltshire SN4 9NS United Kingdom .
The CSA is registered with Companies House No. 7090482 and the Company is described in its Articles and Memorandum as a charitable Company, and is a registered charity in England and Wales No. 113803.
The Company operates on a not-for-profit basis and its Trustees (or Directors) are unremunerated.