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1968 IUHPS Photos Colloque

1968 IUHPS Photos Colloque

Below are images from the 1968 IUHPS Congress which met in Paris. We do not have the names of the individuals in the images, but if you recognize anyone, please let us know by leaving a comment below. The images are courtesy of the Centre d’Archives en Philosophie, Histoire et Édition des Sciences (CAPHÉS). [Show […]

2015 Digital Humanities Conference

Digital Humanities 2015 Logo

Two members of the CBD board, Gavan McCarthy and Stephen Weldon (co-authored by Sylwester Ratowt, Birute Railiene, and John Stewart) gave presentations at DH 2015 in Sydney Australia.  A third paper was given by Ailie Smith from the eScholarship Research Centre at Melbourne University. The three presentations are linked below: DH 2015 – Presentation 1 – Stephen […]

2015 Annual Meeting of the CBD Board

The CBD Board held a video conference meeting from the eScholarship Research Centre at the University of Melbourne on June 24, 2015 and discussed annual business relating to: the website the prize announcement the promotion of digital tools bibliography and documentation and various other issues The minutes of the meeting can be found here: CBDMeetingJune242015.